Squad Training

Training happens almost everyday of the year on the beautiful Gold Coast in South East Queensland.

Coach Forest:

Ph 0416 770 449 EMAIL runforestrunaust@gmail.com

Schedule subject to change without notice.

Sun 22nd Mar.

5:00am. CYCLE. Miami Pool. (Kingscliff Social Ride)

4:00pm. CYCLE. LTYB Gym. (Indoors)

Mon 23rd Mar.

5:00am. CYCLE. Miami Pool.

4:00pm. SWIM. Evandale Lake.

Tue 24th Mar,

5:00am. RUN. Nobbys Arc.

3:00pm. SWIM. Miami Pool.

5:30pm. RUN. Pizzey Park.

Wed 25th Mar,

5:00am. CYCLE. Lott Cafe, 217 Ron Penhaligon Way, Robina.

7:00am. SWIM. Miami Pool. 

3:00pm. SWIM. Miami Pool. 

Thu 26th Mar,

5:00am. RUN. Burleigh Pavillion.

3:00pm. SWIM. Miami Pool.

5:30pm. RUN. Pizzey Park.

Fri 27th Mar,

5:00am. CYCLE. Tally Creek Carpark.

6:30am. SWIM. Tally Creek.

5:45pm. CYCLE. LTYB Gym. (Indoors)

Sat 28th Mar,

6:00am. RUN. LSD. Kurrawa SLSC. 

8:00am. SWIM. Kurrawa SLSC. (Surf swim) 

8:00am. SWIM. Miami Pool. 

Sun 29th Mar,

6:00am. BRICK. Cycle and Run. Robert Newmann Park, Currumbin Valley.

4:00pm. CYCLE. LTYB Gym. (Indoors)

Any questions…..? Contact Coach Forest on 0416 770 449.

Email; runforestrunaust@gmail.com



Markus is the most passionate and committed coach I have ever met! He is truely there to help you and guide you when ever it is needed. My goal was to do my first triathlon and I had no real swimming experience. At first I struggled with even 50m in the pool. After my training with M I now feel confident in the water and even in open water ocean swims, now I love swimming!
It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey, he is able to adjust all of the sessions to suit your fitness level. The group of people we train with are so supportive. I’m so glad I found the RFR Family!

I’ve been training under Markus since Feb 2019, and found him to be very supportive, knowledgeable and passionate for multisports! I thrive in the group sessions which are always interchanging, adjusted to each athletes skill level and encouraging
I absolutely recommend Markus as a coach – I have achieved so much in the last few months – and made some very amazing friends in The RUN FOREST RUN FAMILY

Markus is an extremely enthusiastic and positive coach. I have been training with Markus for a year and as a result have placed on most of my competitive races. The Run Forest Run Family is full of friendly, positive people who I really enjoy training with. Markus is also very affordable!

Marcus has been an amazing trainer for me over the last few months. I am a FIFO working mum so finding the time to train can be difficult but Marcus will always help me find a way to get it done. 
I cannot recommend him enough. Not only is he a great trainer for me but he includes my children when he can and makes us all feel like his family.

If you’re looking for a training group which is affordable, adaptable, knowledgeable, welcoming and very supportive, Run Forest Run Family founded by coach Markus is the place to accomodate all your needs. If my opinion isn’t enough, here’s my results… June 2018 
142.6kg Could not get through 30min of light running session and almost drowned 15mins into swimming session.  May 2019 
Now 123.4kg 
30min15sec 5km Run
1hr 2km SwimCoach takes little to no credibility for my achievements, but without his guidance this would not be possible. Cheers coach.

Coach Run Forest Run is a mad dawg! His passion, dedication, love and commitment to the sport of triathlon and the people he coaches is at an elite level. He genuinely cares about each and every individual he coaches and wants to see them do well and succeed beyond what they dreamed their goals to be. If you want a fun friendly, quirky environment I would definitely recommend training with M Dawg. Much love homies. See you in the water, on the bike or in your runners!

When I mooved to Australia I just randomly meet Marcus and his training group and that was big step forward for me. Even I was very busy with my activities, he teach me basics which I missed even I run for ages. He is good guy not only like trainer, but also very good mate which support me in every way (not only sport). If you make sport for happines and personal progress or just for keep you fit Marcus and his “family” is best option for you! If you will join, he give you options with neverending motivation and than is only up to you, how hard you will work. Thank you for all because in my sport life I never been treated such a good like with Marcus!

Coach Forest has helped me get from a 10klm event to a half marathon in under a year, he’s helped me do a Duathlon, and compete in my first triathlon events. The man literally lives and breathes these sports and is a walking encyclopedia about them. I’ve loved being part of the family and look forward to the next achievement with my training group.